GC Columns for Accurate, Reliable Performance

Agilent’s GC columns help lab analysts maintain the highest standards of performance. Agilent J&W capillary columns deliver industry-leading technology with the highest inertness, lowest bleed levels and tightest column-to-column reproducibility. Our low thermal mass GC columns deliver shorter analytical cycle times than air-bath oven techniques while using less power. We also offer packed GC columns for applications such as hydrocarbon processing, and custom GC columns can be built to order.

With the highest inertness, lowest bleed levels, and the tightest column-to-column reproducibility,
Agilent J&W GC Capillary columns perform better than any columns on the market.

  • Ultra Inert Columns

    • Allow you to perform trace level analysis – including the analysis of acids, bases, or other active compounds – with the utmost confidence.
    • They also help ensure an inert GC flow path that is essential for sensitivity, performance, and the integrity of your analytical results.
  • Low-bleed GC/ms Columns

    • are specifically designed to chromatograph a broad range of trace-level samples
    • offer low bleed and high inertness even at higher temperatures.
  • Premium Polysiloxane Columns

    • are stable, robust, and versatile and are available in a wide variety of stationary phases.
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PeG) Columns

    • offer a variety of unique phase characteristics to meet the varying needs of your laboratory, thanks to Agilent’s strict quality control of the cross-linking and deactivation processes.
  • Specialty Columns

    • meet Agilent’s uncompromising standards for high-temperature, life science, pesticide, petroleum, semivolatile, and volatile applications.
  • Plot Columns

    • deliver superior separation for compounds that are gases at room temperature.
    • They are also ideal for analyzing fixed gases, low molecular weight hydrocarbon isomers, volatile polymer compounds, and reactive analytes such as gases, amines, and hydrides.
  • High Efficiency Columns

    • are ideal for applications that require reduced analysis time, such as high-throughput screening, fast process monitoring, fast QC analyses, and fast method development.

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