As the world’s premier measurement company, Agilent is uniquely positioned to offer you the widest selection of parts and supplies. All are engineered or selected by our experienced design teams, manufactured to our demanding specifications, and tested under the strictest conditions.

  • Electrochemistry meters

    • are designed by chromatographers for chromatographers to give you rugged simplicity and fast, reliable data.
    • Features such as user-friendly controls, waterproof connectors, and multi-parameter measurement capabilities make Agilent pH, DO, ISE, conductivity and multi-parameter meters your first choice for a broad range of applications.
  • Vials, caps and septa

    • are designed to work flawlessly with your autosampler’s gripping and injection mechanisms – eliminating breakage and leaks that can cause unnecessary downtime, expensive repairs, and sample loss.
    • We have also expanded our portfolio to include MS analyzed kits, Agilent Certified Vials, and NEW Agilent CrossLab Vials for non-Agilent autosamplers.
  • Manual and auto sampler syringes

    • boost performance along every step of your sampling process.
    • Designed for accuracy, reliability and ease of use, Agilent syringes ensure exact measurement, transport, and delivery of liquids necessary for sample preparation and injection.
  • Renewable gas purification system

    • extends column life and reduces baseline noise by removing oxygen, water, and hydrocarbons from carrier gasses.
    • One renewable cartridge can support up to four GC systems, while delivering the same filtration capacity as multiple competitive cartridges.
  • Gas Clean filter system

    • prevents dirty gas from jeopardizing your analysis.
    • Oxygen, hydrocarbons, and moisture can decrease GC sensitivity; they can also activate glass wool in liners and accelerate septa degradation, causing high background noise and ghost peaks.
    • Inserting a gas clean filter immediately before your GC inlet greatly reduces the level of impurities, improving trace analysis.
  • Fittings and tools

    • make life in the lab easier by keeping your instruments running in top form.

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