Our suite of sample preparation products can help you to achieve better results from your analyses, while also extending the lifetime of your column and other components. Our purification and filtration products provide reliable results for repeated analyses. Our QuEChERS, Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) and Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) products ensure your samples are free of interferences, even within complex matrices.

Sample preparation is an essential part of successful chromatography. It extends column lifetime, reduces the need for repeated samples, and minimizes interferences that can jeopardize your separation, detection, and quantification.

Agilent offers the most complete line of sample prep products across the full spectrum of instrumentation.

  • Pre-packaged QuEChERS kits

    • make sample preparation faster, easier, and more reliable.
    • Options include extraction kits with pre-weighed salts in anhydrous packets, dispersive kits that accommodate aliquot volumes specified by AOAC/EN methods, and ceramic homogenizers that promote consistent extraction and recovery.
  • Filtration products

    • improve both system performance and analytical quality and prevent extractables or other contaminants from damaging the integrity of your samples.
    • Choose from the industry’s widest variety of membrane types and pore sizes to suit your applications.
  • Bond Elut SPE products

    • selectively remove interferences and/or analytes from challenging matrices.
    • They feature trifunctional bonding chemistry for greater stability – plus a three-tier QC process that confirms the correct particle size.
    • Choose from the largest selection of sorbent formats in the market today.
  • Agilent Bond Elut Dried Matrix Spotting cards

    • use an innovative, non-cellulose technology that delivers a new level of confidence in sample collection, with significantly improved analytical sensitivity, reproducibility and ease-of-use.

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