Unless otherwise specified, chromium is present in our products as chromium (III).

Standards you can trust

  • Traceable

    We use NIST Standard Reference Materials (SRM and lot number specified on the certificate) for calibration and direct comparison.

  • Precise

    We have detailed Error Budgets that define the errors used in determining the uncertainty, giving us a unique value for each lot of material.

  • Pure

    We use ICP and ICP-MS to check the purity of all CRMs. Protocols are prepared for all new starting materials. We perform purifications and chemical modifications as required to meet predefined quality specifications.

  • Accurate

    We use two independent validated assay methods that are performed with a reliable QC standard.

  • Stable & Compatible

    We’ve conducted stability studies on all standards, including blends. Compatibility and stability have been demonstrated and fully documented.

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