The closed safety system of S.C.A.T. Europe offers a calming protection and ensures an economical work in laboratory.

The new, improved air valve combines valve and filter functions. As usual, ventilation occurs during removal; harmful solvent vapors are blocked. At the same time, the valve membrane absorbs dust and contaminant particles from the incoming air. The valve also fits your existing S.C.A.T. SafetyCaps without any technical modification.

Safety Cap V2.0

Air Valves V2.0

Safety Cap V2.0 - Sets

The No. 1 System for Solvent Safety!

  • Integrated Air ValveThe valve blocks solvent vapours and ensures for a safe pressure equalization in the container.
  • No Contamination of EluentsThe integrated filter prevents any contamination of your eluents. It collects dust and dirt particles from the surrounding air.
  • HPLC tubing remains securely fixed
    Tubes and capillaries can no longer slide or move – so there are no interruptions any more, due to air entering the HPLC System.
  • Simple Container ExchangeThe screw cap is freely rotatable – also with connected tubing. Without any undue twisting or resulting „tube salad“. You are thereby able to exchange solvent containers quickly and safely, and in clean fashion.
  • Safely through the AuditGet through quality and safety inspections without any issues: the S.C.A.T. System is THE industry standard for safe solvent management in HPLC.

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