Liquid handling equipment is used to dispense the smallest unit of liquid reagents, making it an indispensable tool in everyday laboratories. Use of these tools eradicates contamination, reduces inconsistencies in sample yield and prepares accurate delivery of liquid. Types of liquid handling equipment include channel pipettes, pipette controller, bottle-top dispenser up to fully automated robotic system.

Pipettes and Bottle Top Dispensers

AHN pipet4u® pro

Single Channel Pipette


AHN pipet4u® pro Single Channel Pipette is available in two versions

  • Micropipette with adjustable volume and fixed volume pipette. Both are the perfect choice for any lab

Ultimate user comfort

  • Enjoy the soft grip handle and light-pressure plunger. All designed to maximize your user comfort and prevent repetitive strain injuries
  • AHN pipet4u® pro micropipette is extremely light

Made to last

  • Extremely durable with high chemical resistance
  • Comes calibrated. Even after multiple autoclaving sessions is no recalibration required

AHN myDpette®

Bottle Top Dispenser


Work comfortably

  • Operates with a smooth plunger movement for bubble-free dispensing and effortless performance even under demanding laboratory conditions
  • The anti-drip cap prevents accidental discharge

Universal bottle compatibility

  • Comes with a wide range of adapters included to fit most common bottle sizes. AHN myDpette® Bottle Top Dispenser is available in five volume options, covering the range from 0.25mL to 50 mL

Chemical resistance

  • Compatible with a wide variety of laboratory chemicals even with most aggressive liquids and acids
  • Equipped with spring-less valve and its dual graduation marks ensures volume reading from both sides
  • Fully autoclavable and its unique piston mechanism allows cleaning of piston and cylinder without disturbing calibration

AHN pipet4u® Oasis Pipette Aid

Pipette Controller


Process liquids comfortably

  • Lightweight, advanced ergonomics, easy speed adjustment
  • The safety valve and hydrophobic filter minimize the risk of fluid penetration into the pipette controller
  • 3 speed modules – low, high and gravity
  • High speed mode – 25 mL serological pipette in 4 sec

Long-lasting battery capacity

  • Long-life rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Can run up to 13 hours on a single 4-hour charge
  • Can be recharged upon operation

Universal serological pipette compatibility

  • Easy-fit silicone nosepiece
  • Accepts serological pipettes in sizes from 1-100 mL
  • Comes with a desktop stand and wall mount holder