Pickering Laboratories, Incorporated makes it easier for laboratories to analyze difficult to detect compounds very specifically and reproducibly. In doing so, we are guided by a simple vision: Guaranteed Chemistry. Because we manufacture the instruments, columns and chemistry to support them we can guarantee the results.


Pickering Laboratories has growth oriented research in the analysis and testing markets:

  • Mycotoxins in alcohol products and feed
  • Nitrate/nitrite in food and feed testing
  • Neomycin testing in animal feeds


The Onyx PCX and Vector PCX Post-Column Derivatization instruments are designed for diverse laboratory requirements.

They are fully integrated systems of instruments, chemicals, columns, methods and support from Pickering Laboratories.


Onyx PCX Derivatization Instrument

It’s the next generation of HPLC post-column derivatization instruments resulting from Pickering Laboratories’ 35 years of experience in post-column instrument manufacturing. Previously, the Pinnacle PCX set the benchmark for innovative design as the top-of-the-line PCX model. Now, it is surpassed by the Onyx PCX as the best post-column instrument available on the market. Pickering Laboratories still offers the only instrumentation optimized for the analysis of Amino Acids, Carbamates, Glyphosate, Mycotoxins, Antibiotics and many other applications. Each component is specifically designed to enhance sensitivity and selectivity. Only Pickering Laboratories offers complete application support, including chemicals, columns, methods and post-column systems. Because each part of the method is designed to work together, Pickering Laboratories can offer the extraordinary promise that the analysis is guaranteed to work for the intended application. The Onyx PCX reflects the ease of use, reliability and ruggedness customers have come to expect from Pickering Laboratories.


Vector PCX Post-column Derivatization Instrument

The Vector PCX instrument is the newest addition to the Pickering family of post-column derivatization systems. Introduced a year after the Pinnacle PCX launch, the new Vector PCX serves as an other post-column choice ideal for application-specific methods.

Vector PCX provides the selectivity and sensitivity required for most standard post-column applications while being reliable and easy to use. Since Vector PCX does not have a column oven it is important to use the HPLC column oven to ensure stable column temperature and prevent retention time drifts and separation problems.


Detection Enhancement for Aflatoxins, Phenylurea Pesticides, Barbiturates and Other Compounds.

Photochemical derivatization is a simple, inexpensive and flexible technique that improves sensitivity and selectivity of detection for a broad range of analytes. Among the applications for the photochemical reactor are analysis of Aflatoxins in foods, Phenylurea Pesticides in water and Barbiturates in biological samples. Photochemical derivatization also allows identification of closely related compounds such as polyphenols.



Pickering Laboratories columns and guards are intended for specific applications that require post-column derivatization. This technology guarantees detection of certain classes of compounds at very low concentrations—amino acids, carbamate pesticides and polyamines, for example.


  • GARD™ Column Protection System
  • Lithium Columns
  • Sodium Columns
  • Glyphosate Herbicide Analysis Columns
  • GARD™ Column Protection System
  • Carbamate Pesticides Columns
  • Mycotox™ Columns
  • Polyether Antibiotics


Pickering Laboratories Reagents & Chemicals are specially prepared to meet the demanding requirements of high-sensitivity pre- and post-column HPLC derivatization methods.


  • Reagents, Diluents & Sample Preparation
  • Solutions
  • Eluants
  • Amino Acid Analysis
  • Environmental: Carbamate Pesticides Analysis Kit, for EPA Method 531.1; Carbamate Pesticides Analysis Kit, for AOAC Method 985.23, Glyphosate Herbicide Analysis Kit for EPA Method 547, AOAC 991.08)
  • Food & Supplement Testing: Biogenic Amines/Polyamines Analysis Kite, Aminoglycoside Antibiotics Analysis Kit, Multi-Residue Mycotoxin Kit, Aflatoxin Analysis Kit, Polyether Antibiotics Kit)


Pickering Laboratories sample clean-up columns are used to treat samples prior to injection. Sample clean-up to detection.



  • Sample Clean-up Columns
  • Glyphosate & AMPA Sample Clean-up Columns


Pickering Laboratories Artificial Body Fluids Products are made to official product testing specifications from ANSI, NIST and other official standards organizations and are used worldwide for product testing and research applications. Our expert manufacturing processes and quality control standards enables excellent batch reproducibility and precise matching of official formulations.

Custom formulations are routinely produced with the same guarantee of precision and reproducibility.


Other testing products:
Artificial Cerumen, Simulated Lung Fluid, Artificial Sebum and Substitute Ocean Water.



  • Artificial Perspiration
  • Artificial Saliva
  • Artificial Urine