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Driven by that ethos for over sixty years, Waters has continually pioneered chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis innovations. Whether it’s discovering new pharmaceuticals, assuring the safety of the world’s food and water supplies, or ensuring the integrity of a chemical entity in production, Waters is constantly working with our 40,000+ customers to change the world.



  • Provide innovative technological solutions that enable customer success, by consistently delivering safe, effective, and reliable products and services.
  • Maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system and foster an environment of continual improvement while meeting statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Dedicated to customer experience excellence through our core values, the engagement of our people, and our strategic vision.


Experience the highest level of chromatographic performance, flexibility, and assurance while enhancing the capabilities of scientific laboratories around the world.

UPLC Columns

Over 200 combinations of column configurations and chemistries, UPLC Columns give faster separations with higher resolution and sensitivities using sub 2 µm particles at 1241 bar pressures

UHPLC Columns

Our focused selection of UHPLC columns highlight the performance advantages modern UHPLC instrumentation.

HPLC Columns

Industry-leading HPLC columns supported by innovative chemistries and technologies. Maximize your laboratory performance by optimizing method development or purification.


Designed for separation efficiency and superior resolution, ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography (APC) columns improve your productivity by increasing your ability to quickly and accurately characterize complex polymer samples.

GPC & SEC Columns

Wide selection of columns for both organic- and aqueous-based size separations. Improve your analysis of soluble polymers and proteins.

Nano and Micro LC Columns

The capillary trapping and separation columns are designed for reliable micro- and nano-scale UPLC separations. They are optimized for maximum sample recovery and deliver superior chromatographic resolution through efficient use of small particles. Learn more

SFC Columns

SFC column technology for chiral and achiral separations with Torus, Trefoil and Viridis columns brought to you by Waters. Learn more

Sample Preparations

Solid-Phase Extraction

  • Oasis Sample Extraction Products

    Oasis sample extraction products deliver unmatched purity, consistency, and quality for sample analysis. With a broad range of sorbents and an array of formats, Oasis products meet a wide variety of sample preparation needs, from simple and fast sample matrix cleanup to more complex sample preparation challenges. Oasis polymeric products deliver consistent retention and capacity, even if the sorbent dries out. Oasis products deliver:

    • Optimal sensitivity for small molecule and therapeutic peptide analysis
    • Reduced matrix effects
    • Unsurpassed selectivity
    • Consistent retention and capacity, yielding the highest SPE recovery

Sep-Pak SPE

The Original and Most Referenced Silica-Based SPE Products

A diverse selection of formats and silica-based sorbents provide the ideal sample extraction solution for GC, HPLC, and UPLC analysis methods.

Available formats:

  • Cartridges
  • 96-well plates
  • µElution plates

QuEChERS Dispersive Solid Phase Extraction

Dispersive solid phase extraction (d-SPE) analysis is a simple and straightforward sample preparation technique suitable for a wide variety of food and agricultural products. One specific method which has become popular is the QuEChERS technique which was created to facilitate the rapid screening of large numbers of food and agricultural samples for pesticide residues. Waters DisQuE d-SPE products include conveniently-packaged centrifuge tubes and foil pouches containing pre-weighed sorbents and buffers for use with both the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC) and European Committee for Standardization (CEN) QuEChERS methods. Waters QuEChERS kits make sample prep quick and easy for multi-residue analysis in food and agricultural products.

Compared to traditional sample preparation techniques, DisQuE solutions offer:

  • Decreased time spent on sample preparation
  • Efficient and cost effective sample preparation
  • Reliable, high-quality product in a convenient format
Analytical Standards and Reagents

ACQUITY Advanced Polymer Chromatography Calibration Standards Kits

Specially-formulated polymer calibration standards for ACQUITY APC Performance

  • Simple & Easy  (add solvent and inject)
  • Due to shorter run times, calibration standards can be included in each sample set
  • Greater confidence in Molecular Weight determination of the samples
  • Reduce variances in analysis, increasing product quality

System Performance Standards

Reference standards and kits that help you perform system checks and verify performance on UPLC, HPLC, GC, SFC, UPC2 or LC-MS instrumentation.

  • Produce/Generate inter-intra laboratory reproducibility
  • Calibrate and assess your systems’ ability to perform your assays
  • Use standards for your detector, injector and pump
  • Perform tests that include: detector linearity and sensitivity, injector accuracy and carryover, pump flow rate and gradient performance
  • Monitor daily system proficiency to bring confidence to your assay execution.

Pharmaceutical and Life Science Standards & Kits

Standards designed to verify system performance for biomolecule analyses.

  • Choose from a range of specially designed products
  • Achieve consistent, repeatable results
  • Add confidence and assurance to your analyses
  • Obtain the optimum performance from your equipment by using the optimum standard

Quality Control Reference Materials

Benchmark Your System and Enable Perfect Resolution

The Quality Control (QC) Reference Material portfolio is a unique collection of standards and mixtures. These products allow the user to evaluate and benchmark their LC and LC-MS chromatography system before analysis of critical analytes.


  • UPC2 QC Reference Material
  • AutoPurification System Standard
  • HILIC QC Reference Material
  • LCMS QC Reference Material
  • Neutrals QC Reference Material
  • Preparative Chromatography Mix Standard
  • QDa QC Reference Material
  • Quad LCMS QC Reference Material
  • Reversed-Phase QC Reference Material
Vials, Plates, and Certified Containers

QuanRecovery Vials and Plates with MaxPeak HPS

Vials and plates to reduce non-specific binding in LC-MS bioanalysis, increasing sensitivity and repeatability. Autosampler ready formats for small sample volumes.

Sample Vials

Wide selection of vials, including HPLC Certified vials (tested by HPLC for cleanliness) and LCMS Certified vials (tested for total ion count and presence of clusters in the high mass range). These are the cleanest vials in the industry.


A selection of 96- and 384-well plates the meets ANSI and SBS standards with different sealing options that fits numerous manifolds, autosamplers and robots.

Certified Containers

Reliable, Compatible Bottles for Solvents and Mobile Phases

Laboratory Filters

Achieve your regulatory and quality objectives using the wide range of Pall Life Sciences filtration products, Certified for Compliance.

Products to Increase Throughput and Increase Productivity

WATERS Cortecs Solid Core Column

( 2.7um and 1.6um particle size )

Finally a column product line that can be used in both systems of UHPLC ( UPLC ‘s ) and HPLC systems. One column for all. The WATERS CORTECS is an addition to the long line of superior WATERS technology columns but with solid core particles. These columns offer a much higher efficiency as compared to conventional fully porous particles and are considered the next step for chromatography columns of the future. Higher efficiencies means better separation power between analytes with lower backpressure enabling faster analysis while meeting demanding separation requirements. All in all far better peak shapes.


  1. Comes in either 2.7um particle sizes ( suitable for both UHPLC / UPLC and HPLC ) systems as well as 1.6um particle sizes ( solely for UHPLC/UPLC ) systems.
  2. Comes in 7 different chemistries for octagonal separations which are reversed phase modes and HILIC mode columns.
  3. Various column dimensions of different internal diameter and length available.
  4. All columns are individual tested and each column has it’s own test mix available for purchase for column performance qualification at your own convenience.
  5. Made with the tightest stringency of WATERS columns Manufacturing of the highest production quality.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Exceptional peak shape and loading capacity
  • Improved signal-to-noise performance
  • Chemically stable at low pH
  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased Resolution
  • Scalability from UHPLC/ UPLC to HPLC
  • Seemingly lower back pressure as compared to fully porous particle columns
  • Certain phases compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases
  • Lot to Lot Reproducibility and Longer Shelf Life
  • 2.7um particle size core shell technology gives 90% efficiency as compared to sub 2um fully porous particles
  • 1.6um particle size core shell technology gives 40% higher efficiency as compared to fully porous 1.7um particles

Increased Efficiency and Resolution

Time and Solvent Savings

Faster Separation


Waters Bonded Pre-Slit Cap Promotion

WATERS Cortecs Solid Core Column