Introducing Sciencix, your OEM maker for chromatography consumables to your lab LC.

 Sciencix was founded by Steve and Linda Harris in 1985. Steve’s expertise was servicing HPLC instrumentation, and having years of experience working for Waters as a service engineer, he wanted to provide labs with an alternative source for high quality maintenance and repair. Shortly after starting the business, Steve began sourcing replacement parts and discovered a receptive market for an alternative to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. For many years the replacement parts business was a good complement to the service side of the company. In 2003, after gradually winding down the service side of the business, CTS devoted its efforts to creating exceptional HPLC replacement products. The focus at CTS moved toward being a premier alternative to OEM’s for HPLC repair parts, and the aim was clear: Provide CTS replacement products that are equivalent to the corresponding OEM part.