BIA Separations is the leading developer of monolith technology and the exclusive producer of CIM® (convective interaction media) chromatographic columns for the production, purification, and analysis of large biomolecules.


Our ongoing mission is to develop and produce CIM® monolithic columns of the highest quality and provide superior research and method development services for our customers.


We will remain the world’s leader in chromatography innovation by combining the power of our CIM® monolithic technology with our accumulated knowledge in biomolecular separation and purification and our well-founded experience in the development and validation of analytical methods. We are subject matter experts with many years of combined knowledge and hands-on experience to tackle the diverse needs of our pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers today and in the future.


Supplying every customer with the best possible chromatography materials and methods is the intrinsic policy of BIA Separations. Our expertise in the production of CIM® monolithic columns and the purification and analysis of biomolecules guides our customers through the drug development, semi-preparative, and industrial-scale processes. We present tangible solutions that simplify and accelerate development and production, improve product quality, and decrease costs from lab through industrial-scale.


Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. BIA Separations offers robust purification products and techniques for the manufacture of large biomolecules and high-quality products, and we also like to be known for our ethical practices and exemplary reputation. We accomplish this by delivering the most accurate and honest answers to our customers to help forge long-lasting business relationships. Therefore, we are committed to handling all customer inquiries on the spot or within the first 24 hours.

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  • Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids
  • Robust cabinets for the industrial sector


  • Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids
  • State of the art safety storage cabinets with extensive certification


  • Combined safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids and aggressive chemicals
  • “Two-in-One”-Cabinets


  • Safety storage cabinets for flammable liquids
  • The giant cabinets for the storage of drums and large containers


  • Safety storage underbench cabinets for flammable liquids
  • These cabinets fit perfectly under hazardous material workstations and fume hoods


  • Safety storage cabinets for gas cylinders
  • Cabinets for the safe indoor and outdoor storage of flammable and toxic gases

Recirculating air filter systems

Recirculating air filter system with integrated air exhaust monitoring

UFA-LINE recirculating air filter systems with integrated air exhaust monitoring for tall safety storage cabinets, safety storage underbench cabinets, drum cabinets.


Recirculating air filter system – avoid complex wall breakthroughs and expensive exhaust air ducts

  • High flexibility in choosing the installation location
  • Active personal protection through safe capture of harmful vapourswith retention in the filter system
  • Very low noise, only approx. 39 dB (A)
  • ATEX compliant: CE Ex II 3/-G Ex c llC T4
  • Housingmade of sheet-steel powder-coated
  • With multistage filter system and power cord
  • Incl. monitoring electronics for exhaust air and filter monitoring, EMC-tested by VDE
  • Optical and acoustic alarm including potential-free alarm contact