Supelco® portfolio: Reliable and reproducible analytical solutions

When it comes to analytical chemistry, we know only the utmost reliability will do. Explore our comprehensive range of analytical products and services for all your application needs.

Gas chromatography workflow

For consisten GC results

Our full line of capillary gas chromatography (GC and GC/MS) columns deliver consistent results across multiple industries (including environmental, petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical)

LC-MS workflow

A comprehensive portfolio for consistent results

We offer a premier selection of proven analytical tools and consumables that meet the requirements of scientists who primarily use the LC-MS technique, either for separation and analysis of drugs and biomolecules, or for analytical assays.


Seamlessly connected laboratory solutions

Supelco® digital solutions can help make your daily analytical work safer, simpler and more efficient to ensure the most accurate results.

Analytical standards and certified reference materials

For precise calibration and validated results, our portfolio of over 20,000 products include standards for every application, from environmental, petrochemical and pharmaceutical to clinical diagnostic and toxicology, forensic, food and beverage, GMO standards, cosmetic and veterinary.

Industry-specific Supelco® Solutions

Your trusted partner in quality and regulatory compliance for beverage safety testing

We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products and reliable testing solutions for your beverage analysis workflow.

Complete solutions for pharmaceutical analysis and quality control (QC)

Whether you are working on biologics, biosimilars or small molecule characterization, method development or final quality control testing, you can trust our analytical chemistry and microbiology testing portfolio.

Product to Increase Throughput & Productivity


Solid Core Column (2.0um, 2.7um and 5.0um particle size)


Finally a column product line that can be used in both systems of UHPLC (UPLC‘s) and HPLC systems. One column for all. The Ascentis Express is an addition to the long line of superior Supelco technology columns but with solid core particles. These columns offer a much higher efficiency as compared to conventional fully porous particles and are considered the next step for chromatography columns of the future. Higher efficiencies means better separation power between analytes with lower backpressure enabling faster analysis while meeting demanding separation requirements. All in all far better peak shapes.


  • Comes in either 2.7um particle sizes (suitable for both UHPLC/UPLC and HPLC) systems as well as 1.6um particle sizes (solely for UHPLC/UPLC) systems. Added bonus, 5.0um particle size columns also available for users that simply are reluctant to change their method.
  • Comes in 12 different chemistries for octagonal separations which covers analysis for small molecules right up to biomolecule separations.
  • Various column dimensions of different internal diameter and length available.

A D V A N T A G E S  A N D  B E N E F I T S

  • Exceptional peak shape and loading capacity
  • Improve signal-to-noise performance
  • Chemically stable at low pH
  • Higher efficiency
  • Increased resolution
  • Scalability from UHPLC/UPLC to HPLC
  • Seemingly lower back pressure as compared to fully porous particle columns
  • Lot to lot reproducibility and longer shelf life
  • 2.0um particle size core shell technology gives 40% higher efficiency as compared to fully porous 1.7um particles
  • 2.7um particle size core shell technology gives 90% efficiency as compared to sub 2um fully porous particles
  • 5.0um particle size column provides efficiency higher than that of fully porous 3.0 particle size of the same dimension with lower backpressures. Design specifically for those chemist who are reluctant to change their method but looking into far better efficiency as compared to fully porous 5.0um particle size column
  • More rugged column, longer shelf life and not easy to clog


Maximize Speed with Sharp Peaks
More Peaks in Less Time
Faster Throughput With Rugged Design
Wide Range of Particles and Phases

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Best Fused-Core UHPLC Column

An optimized solution for high-throughput small molecule analysis

Fast HPLC on ANY System

A practical solution that delivers UHPLC performance from any HPLC

The Lab Work-Horse Column

True plug and play solution for improving existing 3 or 5 um fully porous particle HPLC columns

Ascentis Express 2.0 μm Delivers Excellent Peak Shape and Efficiency with Speed Compared to Fully Porous Particle Columns

Ascentis Express 5 μm Outperforms Fully Porous 3 μm and 5 μm Columns

Faster HPLC on any systems

Selecting Your Ascentis Express Fused-Core UHPL or HPLC System

Selecting the Optimal Ascentis Express Column