[AHN] Refrigerated Centrifuge RC-01


[AHN] myLab Refrigerated Centrifuge RC-01

Part Number: 7-040-00-0


Optional attachments:

  1. Fix angle rotor, for 24 1.5mL/ 2.0mL MT, 21420xg (CR-15-24) RM4,620.00
  2. Fix angle rotor for 44x 1.5mL/ 2.0mL MT, 22388 x g (CR-15-44) RM3,700.00
  3. Fix angle rotor for 8x 5.0mL MT, 18462 x g (CR-15-8)) RM4,275.00
  4. Fix angle rotor for 4 strips of 8x 0.2mL/ 0.5mL PCR tubes, 15397 x g (CR-15-4) RM4,820.00


Delivery Package:

  • 1 x AHN myLab® RC-01 Refrigerated Centrifuge (rotor to be ordered individually)
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Warranty card



  • Refrigeration temperature range: Down to -20°C
  • Speed range: 500-15.000 RPM
  • Time settings: 30 sec. – 999 min. or infinite
  •  Display: Large Back Lit LCD
  • Programmable feature: Up to 99 user-defined programs of 4 lines each
  • Lid Lock Safety Feature: Yes
  • Imbalance Detection: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 452 x 314 x 278mm
  • Weight: 43 kg (including rotor)


Intuitive control panel – a large, easy-to-use digital display with its bright back-lit LCD panel provides a quick way to view and adjust key operational settings. Neatly arranged one-touch buttons surround the display and make it easy to adjust spin speed and time.

Excellent thermal control – ultra-low temperature settings can cool the rotor chamber down to -20oC with minimum temperature fluctuation (±4oC) even at high speeds. A preset quick-cooling mode lowers the temperature of the rotor chamber to 4oC below ambient in a short time

Brushless DC motor – fine-tuned brushless DC motor provides silent operation at top-notch spin speeds of up to 15000 rpm. The brushless design lowers maintenance costs and gives long lasting performance

Stable operation – rubber feet and the high-tech motor minimize vibrations during centrifugation, keeping the centrifuge stable on the workbench at all times

Universal rotor options – 44-place (22388 x g) and 24-place (21420 x g) rotor options accommodating 1.5mL and 2mL microcentrifuge tubes. Further options are an 8-place (18462 x g) rotor for larger 5mL microcentrifuge tubes and a special PCR strip rotor (15397 x g).

Excellent safety features – a lid-lock safety mechanism prevents access to the rotor while it is spinning. Screwon rotor lids keep tubes safely anchored in the rotor. A curved body reduces the incidence of injury when users accidentally bump into the centrifuge

Imbalance detection – electronic imbalance detection feature automatically detects load imbalances to protect the rotor and motor from damage

Microprocessor control – electronically controlled features provide unparalleled performance and allow user defined spinning programs