[AHN] pipet4u® Single Channel Pipette (Variable)


[AHN] pipet4u® Single Channel Pipette (Variable)


8-100-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 0.1-2.5 μL

8-101-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 0.5-10 μL

8-102-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 2-20 μL

8-103-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 5-50 μL

8-104-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 10-100 μL

8-105-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 20-200 μL

8-105-21-9 AHN pipet4u® Pro 50-200 μL

8-106-20-9  AHN pipet4u® Pro 100-1000 μL

8-106-21-9 AHN pipet4u® Pro 200-1000 μL

8-107-20-9 AHN pipet4u® Pro 0.5-5 mL

8-108-20-9 AHN pipet4u® Pro 2-10 mL


Delivery Package:

  • 1 x Manual pipette
  • 1 x Calibration/Disassembling tool
  • 1 x Drop tool
  • 1 x Colour coding drop
  • 1 x Silicon grease
  • 1 x Sample tips
  • 1 x O-rings
  • 1 x Instruction manual
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 1 x Calibration report



Comfortable and effortless pipetting – new user-friendly handle design with soft grip for comfortable operation to prevent hand stress / light weight / low plunger force minimises RSI (repetitive strain injury)

Easy identification – use the easily attachable colourcoded drops to identify your pipette according to your requirements

Durability – new tip cone demonstrates high mechanical strength and high resistance against chemicals

Calibration stability – even after multiple autoclaving no recalibration is required

Accurate and reliable pipetting – reverse pipetting option for accurate and precise aspirating and dispensing of viscous liquids / innovative soft grip prevents transfer of heat to internal components, ensuring accurate pipette operation / lock counter mechanism of variable volume pipettes prevents volume changes while pipetting / blow out system allows last drop dispensing

Sterile handling – fully autoclavable pipette (by steam at 121°C / 15 min)

Easy and quick maintenance and adjustment – with the included disassembly and calibration tool

Meets following standards: DIN EN ISO 8655-1 | DIN EN ISO 8655-2 | DIN EN ISO 8655-6

Compatibility list available on request